About the Health Project Research Unit

The NIHR Health Protection Research Unit in Gastrointestinal Infections at the University of Liverpool is a partnership with Public Health England (PHE) in Gastrointestinal Infections brings together internationally leading researchers from the University of East Anglia, University of Oxford, Quadram Institute working in partnership to exploit synergy, world-class facilities, and breadth and depth in relevant research between these institutions.

The research unit will explore and explain the distribution of diarrhoeal diseases in the population, establishing for whom the disease burden is greatest and why. We will resolve how best to deploy novel technologies and develop and apply new methodology for investigating outbreaks and detecting pathogens in the environment. We will generate new models to show how diarrhoeal diseases are transmitted, and investigate how pathogens interact with normal gut microbiota in health and disease. This integrated, inter-disciplinary research programme will generate new strategies for control, meeting Public Health England’s main objectives of addressing inequalities, protecting the country from infectious diseases, and being an evidence-led organisation that provides answers to public health problems.

Our leaflet is available here.