Research Themes

General Research Tab ImageThe NIHR HPRU in Gastrointestinal Infections will concentrate in the first phase of funding on six inter-related research themes, chosen for their potential to generate translatable scientific progress and health gain over a five-year period in priority areas identified by PHE and by the GIPB :

THEME 1: People: exploring socio-economic and behavioural factors in gastrointestinal infections

THEME 2: Tracking disease in the population: developing novel methods for disease surveillance and outbreak investigation

THEME 3: Pathogens: exploiting recent advances in genomics

THEME 4: Places: elucidating the role of environment in gastrointestinal disease outbreaks

THEME 5: Pathways: understanding transmission of gastrointestinal infection to and between people

THEME 6: The microbiome: the role of microbial communities in gastrointestinal disease