Pathogens and Microbiomes

Combating gastrointestinal infections with genome sequencing

Drawing upon research in the first HPRU in Gastrointestinal Infections, we aim to exploit the “state of the art” molecular approaches to support improved surveillance and control of diarrhoeal diseases. By collaborating with other disease-specific and cross-cutting HPRUs, this theme aims to provide additional analytical and developmental capacity to existing resources. In turn this will address important questions in support of the UKHSA's work in identifying gastrointestinal pathogens, and linking infections as part of outbreak detection, investigation and control.


Theme Leaders:

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 Xavier Didelot,Theme Lead

Paolo Ribeca


Alistair Darby, University of Liverpool Co-Lead


Researchers (PDRA/ Tenure Track Fellows):

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David Greig, Healthcare Scientist/Bioinformatician

Matthew Moore, Post-doctoral research fellow

Edward Cunningham-Oakes, Post-doctoral research fellow

PhD Students:

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Research Titles:

'Rapid and precise detection of gastrointestinal infections using metagenome sequencing' - Hannah Trivett.

‘Advancing molecular risk assessment and risk management of Listeria monocyotogenes in the genomic era’ - Emily Fotopoulou

'Bayesian graphical models for strain resolution from hybrid metagenomics sequencing' - Derryk Schieck