Tracking disease in the population: developing novel methods for disease surveillance and outbreak investigation

Tracking Theme ImageThis theme will develop and apply epidemiological methods to improve the evidence base and available toolkit for service and academic public health epidemiologists working with GI and other infections.

Disease burden and impact due to GI infection, and how this is distributed across society will be estimated using record linkage of PHE notification data with other datasets will be used to estimate disease burden and how this is distributed across society (jointly with socio-economic and behavioural factors theme). This work will evaluate different analytical methods as well producing substantive outputs. A follow up study of cases with primary data collection will allow integration of pathogen genome data (jointly with the pathogen genomics theme) to assess pathogen factors associated with common complications of infection.

The other main focus of the theme is the science base to underpin surveillance and outbreak investigation. This includes a programme of secondary and primary research to fill gap in the evidence base on parameters of GI infections, such as incubation times and carriage duration, the development of tools to update estimates of these from data, and the development of epidemiological methods to support surveillance and outbreak investigation. These will include work on data capture and data synthesis including the synthesis of genomic and other epidemiological data.

To read more about the 'Estimating the burden of complications following common gastrointestinal infections and the remediable factors which contribute to the burden' project, view the research page on the University of Oxford's website.


Theme Leaders:

Noel MccarthyDr Noel McCarthy

Research Fellow and Consultant in Communicable Disease Control for University of Warwick



Mara ViolatoDr Mara Violato

Research Fellow

PhD Students:

AdedoyinAdedoyin Awofisayo-Okuyelu


Obaghe EdeghereObaghe Edeghere


Olu EsanOluwaseun (Seun) Esan