Suzanne Rotheram

Risk, vulnerability and consequences of gastrointestinal infections in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the North West of England

Personal Statement:

Suzie started her PhD studentship in the people theme in November 2015, with supervisors Margaret Whitehead and Ben Barr at the University of Liverpool and Jessie Cooper at City University London.

She is a Bristol Veterinary graduate who has worked in mixed and small animal practice in the UK and overseas in Mongolia. Before starting the PhD she completed a Master of Public Health in Liverpool. Outside of the PhD she enjoys cycling and walking with her family.


Suzie Rotheram

Lay Summary:

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are at greater risk of getting a gastrointestinal infection than children who are not from disadvantaged backgrounds. The consequences of these infections in terms of time off school/work and severity of symptoms is greater for people from more disadvantaged backgrounds of all ages. We do not currently know why this might be the case.

My study has taken an ethnographic approach to look at how wider social, economic, cultural, political and environmental factors in different places in the UK might help us to understand these socially produced inequalities.


  • Margaret Whitehead – Dept. Public Health & Policy & NIHR Health Protection Research Unit in Gastrointestinal Infections, University of Liverpool
  • Jessie Cooper - School of Health Sciences, City University of London
  • Ben Barr - Dept. Public Health & Policy, University of Liverpool