Pathways: understanding transmission of gastrointestinal infection to and between people

Pathways Theme ImageThe overall aim of this theme is to generate new knowledge on the range and relative importance of the different transmission pathways through which gastrointestinal pathogens spread from person-to-person, animal-to-person and environment-to-person and how these different pathways interact to influence the epidemiology of disease. This is essential to enable us to design better control strategies for gastrointestinal pathogens with multiple transmission pathways.

In this theme we will focus on a range of pathogens where non-foodborne transmission is known to be important. We have chosen four pathogens across the range of infections STEC (bacteria), Norovirus (viruses), Cryptosporidium and Giardia (protozoa).


Theme Leaders:

Paul Hunter

Professor Paul Hunter

Professor of Health Protection, University of East Anglia

Roberto VivancosDr Roberto Vivancos

Consultant Epidemiologist for Public Health England


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Dr Anna Donaldson

Honorary Research Associate
University of Liverpool

Erica KintzDr Erica Kintz

Post-Doctoral Researcher
University of East Anglia


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PhD Students:

Richard Elson

Richard Elson

Rebecca Inman
Rebecca Inman

Tom Inns

Thomas Inns


Jennifer Mattock
Jennifer Mattock

Caoimhe Mckerr

Caoimhe McKerr