Pathogens: exploiting recent advances in genomics

Mccoy Wynne Pathogen ThemeThe aim of this research theme is to develop the analysis of whole genome sequence of gastrointestinal pathogens for improved surveillance and investigation of infectious intestinal disease. A major objective is to provide a comprehensive integrated analysis platform comprising WGS data and associated metadata data to facilitate the evidence-based interpretation of genomic variation to test biological and epidemiological hypotheses.

Further objectives include the investigation of archival specimens held by the PHE to develop improved algorithms for responding to outbreaks of infectious disease, and the generation of well annotated publicly available genome sequence databases.  The work will complement and enhance current research and development work in PHE and Oxford, strengthening and extending on-going collaborations.


Theme Leaders:

Martin Maiden

Professor Martin Maiden

Professor of Molecular Epidemiology, University of oxford

Kathie GrantDr Kathie Grant

Head Gastrointestinal Bacteria Reference Unit, GBRU, Public Health England

Post-Doctoral Researchers:

Jansen Van Rensburg

Dr Melissa Jansen van Rensburg


Dr Anaïs Painset


DPhil Students:


Clare Barker


PearceMadison Pearce