Primary School Science Festival at the World Museum Liverpool

 Meet The Scientist Small 

On the 6th July 2016 HPRU GI social science researchers joined other University of Liverpool researchers at a knowledge exchange event hosted at the World Museum, Liverpool for local school aged children as part of a primary school Science Festival. The aim of the day was for school pupils from four different local primary schools to participate in hands on science activities and challenges and learn more about research undertaken at the University of Liverpool.

HPRU GI researchers – Dr Sarah McGarrol and Suzie Rotheram (aided by Dr Sophie Wickham) created and organised a number of fun, interactive tasks for school children. Through four different tasks, each group of 15 pupils accompanied by a teacher, were scored as the groups were competing to win a trophy to be awarded to the school which had done the best overall in the challenges.

With the aid of ‘Gerry the Gut’, a giant inflatable intestine, the children were asked to think about, describe and make sense of tummy bugs - how they would make them feel, where they might come from and what might happen if they had one. Through the various tasks, the researchers explored and better understood how children described and made sense of gastrointestinal infections, as well as the ways in which children discussed how viruses and bacteria get into their bodies.


 Gerry The Gut Rotherham & Mcgarrol

                 Place inside Gerry The Gut     
         Bristol Stool Chart

Children's Interpretation of Bristol Stool Chart


Posted on: 14/07/2016