Meet The Scientists Event at World Museum Liverpool

On 8 July 2017 we held fun workshops for children and their families during the 'Disease Detectives' event. An interactive, hands-on science day for all the family. Around 800 people visited the event and participated in the activities offered. 67% of people said it was their first time attending a science related event. Everyone attending said that they "Enjoyed the event", that they had "learnt something new" and that "The event had made them feel that science was relevant to their lives".

Our 'Troublesome Tummy Bugs' stall had a range of activities, including posters, quizzes, a hand-washing test and a video. With the aid of 'Gerry the Gut', a giant inflatable intestine, we saw children and adults consider how personal and kitchen hygiene can improve their health and help reduce the risk of spreading diseases such as Norovirus.

We also produced a handy Zine (a handmade mini magazine) for young scientists with interesting facts on bacteria and viruses.

Meet The Scientist 2017 Cropped   Vikki John And Gerry
Dr John Harris (Lecturer) and Anna Pulawska-Czub (PhD student)   Dr John Harris (Lecturer) and Victoria Grimbly (HPRU GI PPE/PPI lead) inside 'Gerry' the inflatable intestine

GI Zine

   Anna showing child handwashing experiment
Gastrointestinal Infections Zine for young scientists   Anna Pulawska-Czub (PhD student) showing a child the hand-washing experiment to highlight the importance of personal hygiene
Fridge Game    Feedback Cropped
Interactive fridge game used to highlight cross-contamination of food and importance of kitchen hygiene    Feedback from children attending the event

Posted on: 12/07/2017